Not only is the Inn full, so is the manger.

It is early in the morning on the day before Christmas.  The kids are still sleeping, but soon, the place will be alive with activity.  And the house will be full.

Not unlike the house, the manger is full before the coming of The Christ Child.  It is full of our hopes; it is full of our despair.  It is full of our dreams; it is full of our disappointments.  It is full of our past; it is full of our future.  It is full of our best; it is full of our worst.

Soon it will be full of our deliverance, the greatest gift we can receive.  Soon it will be full of the Light of The World.

In the flurry of the holiday, remember the Holy Day.  Say a prayer.  Forgive someone.  Forgive yourself.  Go to church, be the Church.  Spread Christ’s love.  Carry the Light of the World wherever you go.  Be that Light.

Merry Christmas.


About Vince Gonzales

United Methodist Laity, married to a recent Seminary graduate seeking ordination. Active at all levels of the Church, I sit on the Board of The General Commission on Religion and Race of The United Methodist Church, one of our 13 UMC Agencies. I also am the Chair of the Racial and Social Justice Task Force of Churches Uniting in Christ, an ecumenical group of communions, dedicated to the reconciliation of ministries and fighting racism, as well as representing the UMC at Christian Churches Together's Hispanic/Latinx Ministry Gatherings. Additionally, I am one of two committee members from the South Central Jurisdiction serving on the DisAbility Ministries Committee of the UMC. My polity pendulum often swings to both extremes so one never knows what they might find on this page!
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